Auggie Finch - World Traveler


Travel accessories are the new status symbol. Just as important as the watch or shoes one wears, one’s luggage defines one’s character. Welcome to the world of AUGGIE & FINCH, where we live a lifestyle of luxury. Our company is the Global Guide to traveling in style. Consider us your personal Concierge and Stylist for all your adventures.


Designed by our infamous Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder Frankie Finch, our products are globally edgy and built with luxurious materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Comparable to lifestyle brands like Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Ferrari; her creations are sheer finery meets urban savvy—inspirations from her own world travels to Japan, Paris, Milan and New York. It’s not all about style… but design and craftsmanship as well.


We are hard-core (literally), passionate, and have produced the ultimate travel pieces for the traveling elite. While there are luggage companies and designer accessories, our company has married quality and style into the supernova of smart travel gear.

At our headquarters in Beverly Hills we concept, create and strategically plan each design without overlooking a single detail. Made in Italy, forged with titanium, and draped with our specialized, expertly curated materials our look is undeniably unique. Rest assured that all your important items are secured with unbreakable locks. For every twist and turn you make, the wheels on our luggage move with precision and ease, so you glide through terminals, lobbies and streets with flair. Like any designer purse or briefcase, the stitching, handles and zippers are key to quality, function and longevity. Our superior finishing is specifically crafted on each and every AUGGIE & FINCH piece with the cosmopolitan jet setter in mind.